Our Vision

To provide unsurpassed clearance and advertising services.


We’re best known for clearing ads. In the UK, broadcasters aren’t allowed to show ads that are misleading, harmful or offensive. So before ads are shown, we check them against the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (the BCAP Code), which sets out what is and isn’t permitted.

We have well established systems and processes to tackle the challenge of checking content, deciding if it is acceptable and putting restrictions on it where necessary. 

We’re proud to play an important role in the world of advertising and we do more than just clear ads. Our other services provide systems and metadata to agencies, advertisers and broadcasters across the industry. 


All that expertise is available to you, whenever you need it. Our role is to protect reputations and we can apply our skills to any area where it is important that content is acceptable under a set of rules. We can also advise on and help draft the rules if necessary.

We always do whatever we can to help. And we do it while holding ourselves to high standards: in our approach to client relationships, in our attitudes towards each other and in our impact on the wider world.

The digital world is changing rapidly. We want to work with you to make it a safe space.


Chris Mundy
Managing DIrector, Clearcast

Photo by nycshooter/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by nycshooter/iStock / Getty Images