Online subtitling is here!

Clearcast are partnering with subtitling specialist Digital Nirvana to increase the proportion of UK TV ads that are subtitled through a new online subtitling website, The new service is designed to make it easy to upload an ad and receive a file of subtitles that can be incorporated in the file that is sent to broadcasters.

The latest available Ofcom research on usage of subtitles (2006) showed that 7.5 million people use subtitles yet broadcaster data suggests that only around 60% of ads are subtitled. Apart from the social responsibility implications of this, in commercial terms it means that advertisers are likely to be losing out by paying for viewers that can’t hear their messages.

The new service will make subtitling even easier by allowing agencies and post houses to upload an ad and receive back a file containing accurate subtitles a few minutes later.

Clearcast are making it our business focused CSR objective for this year to drive up usage of subtitling in advertising. By promoting the new service we hope to drive up awareness of the issue and the proportion of subtitled TV ads.

This new subtitling service can be found at and also via MediaCentral, our task-based online portal designed to help advertisers and agencies to navigate the world of video ads.

Danny Turner